How is User-Generated Content Integrated into Marketing Strategies by a Marketing Manager?

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    How is User-Generated Content Integrated into Marketing Strategies by a Marketing Manager?

    In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, user-generated content stands as a powerful tool for authenticity and engagement. We've gathered insights from Marketing Managers and Chief Marketing Officers on this topic. From inspiring with customer project showcases to driving excitement with creative use contests, explore the seven unique strategies they've successfully integrated into their marketing campaigns.

    • Inspire with Customer Project Showcases
    • Boost Engagement with Branded Hashtags
    • Motivate Sharing with Contests and Discounts
    • Leverage UGC Against AI Content Saturation
    • Engage Users with Live Social Media Interactions
    • Build Community with Travel Story Campaigns
    • Drive Excitement with Creative Use Contests

    Inspire with Customer Project Showcases

    The most effective use of user-generated content has always been to create feelings of inspiration and desire. That means posting photos of users' finished projects, highlighting all of the unique ways a customer can transform their space.

    For one of our clients in the home decor space, we've used user-generated content to help customers visualize what their finished projects can look like and inspire new ideas for their homes. Customers love being featured online and are more willing to share those links with their communities.

    This might include social posts, email blasts, monthly online features, and sometimes even a gallery of clients' work online that displays some of our favorite finished projects.

    The goal of user-generated content should be to showcase not only how happy customers are with your product but also to highlight the possibilities of it as well. New customers can trust other consumers while imagining their own creations in their homes.

    Garrett Carlson
    Garrett CarlsonContent Marketing Manager, The Loop Marketing

    Boost Engagement with Branded Hashtags

    One of the best moves I made was integrating user-generated content (UGC) into our marketing strategy. We launched a campaign encouraging customers to share their creative uses of our product on social media with a branded hashtag. Not only did we receive a flood of fantastic content, but our engagement rates skyrocketed by 40%. I still remember one user who made a hilarious video of their dog using our app (don't ask me how) – it went viral and brought in a ton of new followers. By showcasing these authentic, user-created stories, we not only saved on content creation costs but also built a community of loyal brand advocates who did our marketing for us. Plus, nothing beats the authenticity of real customers vouching for your product.

    Phil Laboon
    Phil LaboonCEO, Leadstacker

    Motivate Sharing with Contests and Discounts

    As a Marketing Manager, I've effectively integrated user-generated content (UGC) into our marketing strategy by encouraging customer participation, highlighting UGC across various channels, and creating authentic campaigns. We motivated our customers to share their experiences on social media using specific hashtags through contests and incentives like discounts or featured posts. This approach not only boosted engagement but also provided a wealth of genuine content that resonated with our audience.

    We strategically incorporated user-generated content across multiple marketing channels. On social media, we regularly featured customer photos, reviews, and testimonials, creating a sense of community and showcasing real-life applications of our products. Our website had dedicated sections for customer stories and reviews, which served as powerful social proof. Additionally, we included UGC in our email marketing campaigns to highlight satisfied customers and their experiences, encouraging others to engage and purchase.

    Brenda Benitez
    Brenda BenitezDigital Marketing Manager, Brenn The Marketer

    Leverage UGC Against AI Content Saturation

    Reddit's traffic surpassed Amazon's in 2024. As AI content has become widely adopted, UGC is a marketer's chess move to zig when others are zagging.

    Featured has put user-generated answers to questions in our content. As a result, we've seen our content drive more than 1.5 million organic search visits monthly to the publishers who look to Featured for insights.

    If you're a marketer, AI can improve processes and workflows. But it shouldn't be used exclusively to create content. Instead, leverage UGC and human expertise to produce content that is a cut above where most marketers are landing.

    Brett Farmiloe
    Brett FarmiloeCEO,

    Engage Users with Live Social Media Interactions

    An innovative way we've utilized user-generated content at our company is through the integration of UGC in real-time social media features, like stories and live feeds. We host regular Q&A sessions where clients can jump in and ask questions or share their insights on digital marketing tactics. This has not only increased engagement on our platforms but has also provided us with a treasure trove of spontaneous and genuine content that we can repurpose for FAQs or blog posts. What makes this strategy particularly effective is the immediacy and relevance of the content—since it's generated directly by users in a live format, it carries a freshness and authenticity that pre-planned content often lacks. Plus, it keeps our finger on the pulse of what’s truly important to our clients and the industry, allowing us to stay ahead of trends and continuously adapt our strategies.

    Jason Hennessey
    Jason HennesseyCEO, Hennessey Digital

    Build Community with Travel Story Campaigns

    In my adventure travel company, we integrated user-generated content by encouraging customers to share their travel photos and stories on social media. We ran a campaign asking clients to tag us in their adventure posts, and we featured the best ones on our website and Instagram. This not only provided us with fresh, authentic content but also built a sense of community among our clients. As a result, we saw a significant increase in engagement and trust from potential customers. Seeing real experiences from fellow travelers made our brand more relatable and credible. It's a simple yet powerful way to boost your marketing strategy.

    Swena Kalra
    Swena KalraChief Marketing Officer, Scott & Yanling Media Inc.

    Drive Excitement with Creative Use Contests

    One of the most successful campaigns I've launched was a social media contest where we asked customers to share photos of themselves using our product in creative ways. We offered a prize to the most creative submission, but the real reward was the incredible engagement we received.

    Thousands of customers participated, sharing their photos, videos, and stories. We compiled the best submissions into a highlight reel that we shared on our website and social media channels. This not only showcased the versatility of our product but also created a sense of excitement and community around our brand.

    The campaign resulted in a significant increase in website traffic, social media followers, and ultimately, sales.

    Alex Cornici
    Alex CorniciDirector of Marketing, Awesome Hibachi